350 years of Successful, Saint Gobain is ready to wake up Instant cement factory in Sumatra

post news 0001 Saint Gobain, one of the manufacturing company that produces building material in the world, could not reasonably have been 350 years standing. On the 50th anniversary of his 350, Saint Gobain announced plans to build the new instant cement factory in Sumatra in the year 2016 tomorrow. Again, a good news for the world economy of Indonesia. At a press conference when the 350 anniversary yesterday, the General Asia-Pacific Delegate to Saint Gobain, Javier Gimeno reveals big plans. "Next year (2016) we are planning expansion to Sumatra with investment value of around 7 million euro (approximately 103 billion)." A number is not small. The addition of instant cement factory in Sumatra itself, allowing Indonesia more and more people who got new jobs. Currently, with the operation of the factory-owned Saint Gobain 7 in Indonesia, there are already about 1,166 inhabitants of Indonesia who become employees of the Saint Gobain factory. Instant cement factory on Sumatra alone, would be built through PT. Copyright Main Mortar, which is largely owned by Saint Gobain. In Addition To The PT. Copyright Main Mortar, some companies under the auspices of Saint Gobain is Winter Diamas, Abresives Indonesia, and Gyproc Indonesia. Saint Gobain's own, is a manufacturing company that focuses on the production of materials and building materials. As reported by of Gatranews, Saint Gobain myself have mastered instant cement market share through Major Mortar to 40%. As for Abrasives products reach 20% of the total market share. And Gypsum products, Saint Gobain Gyproc joint Indonesia ranked at 3-4 with market share to 12%. Saint Gobain is a multinational company which France origin branches already exist around the world. Quoted from kompas.com, the total employees of Saint Gobain there are over 180,000 employees worldwide. With detail in Asia more or less as follows: 15,000 employees in Asia Pacific, 1,000 in China, Japan and Korea in the 800, 300 in the Pacific, and 3,500 in South East Asia. What about Indonesia? "Indonesia accounted for one-third of the overall existing employees in Southeast Asia." Source: http://properti.kompas.com/read/2015/11/05/080000621/Makin.Ekspansif.Saint.Gobain.Operasikan.9.Pabrik.di.Indonesia http://www.gatra.com/ekonomi/industri/172651-saint-gobain-bangun-pabrik-semen-instan-sumatera-pada-2016  

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