About Efficiency or Randomance

post production 0002In terms of manufacturing production in Indonesia, sometimes people will use the term production efficiency or more commonly: randomance. This article will discuss about the efficiency or randomance. What is efficiency? Before discussing about the efficiency or randomance, it's good we follow the illustration of the production process that are generally present in manufacturing companies. Don't forget, the production process is the most unique process of manufacturing compared to other industries. In the production process, there are three important aspects that are always taken into account. The first is the raw material. Of course we cannot produce anything without raw materials instead? The raw materials here are not limited to the initial raw material but raw material in any production process. So, it could be what we call raw material in a production process in one Department are intermediate goods (WIP) in the category of overall factory goods. The second is the finished goods or proceeds of production. Yes, that's the main purpose of a production process: manufacturing industry to produce products or finished goods or if it came to the last sequence in the production process, we call with finished goods. The third is the power to process the production itself. Can people, can also be machine or production line also. Everything is included in this aspect. Why this aspect is important? Because these aspects contain costs that would later become one of the basic counting HPP. Important isn't it? Back on the illustration of the production process. By knowing the third important aspect of it, then the production reports can be produced. On the production report, the respective amount will be calculated and reported. How many raw materials, how many people or machinery or materials or production line helper is involved, and the most commonly seen: how many production results. It will all be reported. Well, randomance or efficiency itself is basically a comparison of the results of the production with the production of raw materials. Such raw materials are 100 pieces, then the result is the production of 100 fruit well, then arguably the randomance or efficiency is 100%. But it could also yield randomance only 90% which means 10% of the goods being damaged or defects. Typically, the stuff was made because the defects did not qualify the process Quality Control (QC). Goods that are QC did not qualify it can be reprocessed, or derived gradenya or even considered waste. As waste or waste in General, he would be rated as 0 rupiah. It's just that if it can find a buyer willing to purchase the product waste it, it could be he will return valuable and profitable (or reduce losses) manufacturing company. Yep, that's the last glimpse about the efficiency or randomance. May be useful. If you have any questions, just ask in the comment box.

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