About MRP (Material Requirement Planning)

post production 0002 In the production process of course there should be materials that are processed. To ensure raw material or raw material to be processed on hand, there are a variety of ways that have to be done by the manufacturing company. Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) is one way that. What is MRP? And how impactnya against the process of production planning and inventory control (PPIC)? This article will discuss it. As I have discussed above, the MRP is a way that is a manufacturing company to ensure the availability of raw material to be manufactured into finished goods ready for sale. Before discussing what is the MRP briefly, allow me to tell you about the illustrations of the production process that is usually (usually loh ya) existed at manufacturing companies. The company manufactures the nature of production was based on a Sales Order usually will only produce goods when there are orders from consumers. In fact, in certain cases, the production order will not be processed if no down payment (DP) of consumers first. Typically, such production model we call with the pull. Then what to do with MRP? Patient Yes. Pull production process already have plans what products will be created. That is to say, the PPIC already know, how many items to be created. From the base the amount of finished goods that required it, definitely be withdrawn to the rear. How many intermediate goods (WIP) is needed. Pull back again and again, until finally be known how the raw materials needed to make finished goods. Of course, it was obtained by calculation in accordance with existing production formula. For example, to make one item so A it takes two intermediate goods b. Then to make one intermediate goods B, needed 3 pieces of raw materials C. This means that, if the goods ordered are 100 so A, with the calculation that fit, we will know if We need 600 raw materials C. That's one part of the MRP. One section only? This means that there is still a part of the other. The other part of the MRP is if stock raw materials there turned out to be insufficient to make finished goods ordered by consumers. Of course, manufacturers are required to provide it instead? That is, which then makes the company should immediately order the raw materials to be used by the Ministry of production. Yep, that's the second part of the MRP. So, in a brief explanation, MRP material requirement calculation is the process for producing finished goods being ordered, and if it turns out the stock of its material is insufficient, the company must immediately purchase the raw materials it needs. Of course, in practice, the company will definitely be hassle to determine figures that play there. Because in addition to the amount of the goods, the PPIC also charged to ensure the material you purchased does not exceed the maximum limit of the existing price. Why? Because if purchasing more expensive, could result in the HPP for finished goods that cost already deal (Customer Quotation) to swell. Does that mean? Yes the company loss. Simple. Well, usually in order to make such calculations much easier, companies can rely on ERP software are now provided by many Software House. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and RUN Dynamic System are some of the ERP software that could be considered by the manufacturing company. There are still questions regarding MRP? Share in the comment box. 🙂

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