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post scm 0004 In the process of supply chain management business, we naturally also involves the process of delivering the goods in it. In addition to the process of setting the ring area, the payment process (AR), and other processes, we certainly should pay attention to the process of preparation of finished goods in order to be recorded properly. Because as we know, the largest losses of manufacturing companies is if the loss of finished goods. Why? Simple logic alone, finished goods (finished good) is surely the most expensive item that exists in the factory, because the margin of production prices of goods were taken from it. Simple, isn't it? And, in preparing for the delivery of finished goods, usually companies will use the packing list and mail path. Two beings what it is? And if both are same? This article will attempt to answer those questions. In brief, the actual packing list and letter roads have the stuffing is not much different. A second document that contains a list of items that will be sent and the amount. Already, that's all. There is no price, no other information. If you want other information added, could possibly be added as a reference in the sales order number for the recipient. But nobody ever does anything. It's just that, as a function of the fact both have differences and needs of each. Packing list usually intended for export interests. Being for the benefit of local street letter. Mean? So, packing list typically used for hauling boats out of the country. While the letter the way usually used for transporting using ground vehicles. That is, if we sell items locally, we just need the mail way. Whereas if we wish to send the goods in export, we need the letter roads (up to the port) and the packing list from the ports of our country to the port of destination countries. The two documents were different, though its contents are almost the same. Their needs are different. Uh, wait a minute, why do I say the contents are almost identical? Because the contents could have been different. LOH? Yes, actual information displayed the same goods so shipped, but it could just be the information shown differently. Usually the information items in the letter the way more detail than the existing information in the packing list. It could happen, because in one packing list, number of items shipped could be 10 times the number of items in the mail path. The cause is because of the way one letter only applies to one truck, medium one packing list can apply to ten or even twenty container's origin is still in one of the ship. One way letter only applies to one truck because there is the possibility of logistics services each truck can be different. As a result, there is a possibility of payment purposes different accounts. To facilitate the sharing of mail, preferably one that's way different for one truck. Well, back to the problem of different information. Why if the number of items in the packing list more of road, hence the information displayed would later become not detail? The reason for this somewhat-kind of funny anyway, but this is very technical. I.e. There is a possibility of packing lists that are too detail will just torment party examiner in port. Sender company I think will not be hassle mem-print 20-30 sheet for the interests of the packing list. But the examiner can misuh-misuh. Not to mention if each sheet should be given an endorsement in the form of a signature and stamp. We certainly don't want to suddenly invited berantem by the harbor instead? In closing, here is a brief illustration of me a matter of packing list and mail this way, may help.

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