Examination Of Stock Of Goods

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Examination of the stock item is a transaction process in the manufacture of which its main entrance in the business process of the inventory. But the output of this process will refer to procurement and accounting, even up on finance.

Why did it happen? Because the stock of goods inspection means knowing the amount of goods available at the factory (all goods at all the warehouse) which means the responsibility of the business process of the inventory. But on the other hand, when the stock was already known, there are two possibilities: Stock sufficient to the needs of the factory (either overhead or production) and stock is insufficient.

If sufficient stock the warehouse as the perpetrators of examination can these goods stock breathe a sigh of relief and get ready to send goods if there is a Department that requested. But conversely, if stock is insufficient (or in an ideal factory order: reorder point already logged in), then the party warehouse must make a request of material. 

The making of the material this request will get to the desk of the Department of purchasing or procurement. At this point, the examination of stock items into data that are important in the procurement business processes. Then after entering in the procurement business processes, automated process, ultimately finance will follow. Because it is impossible for the procurement of goods is done without involving money out, right?

Then what influence the examination of stock items towards the accounting business process? As we know, the stuff that's in the warehouse must have a value in the balance sheet accounting. In the balance sheet accounting there are inventory account and cost. And in stock merchandise, value attaches to the two accounts. Examination of stock items/item will affect the value of the mains and charge when it's been sent to the Department wears. At this point, the results of the examination of stock items will refer to the existing accounting records of the company.

Examination of stock items themselves can be done by various methods. One of the most commonly used by the company is by the way the stock opname. This method usually spend a long day. And within a day it is, there should be no goods into or out of the warehouse.

In addition to stock opname, warehouse parties can also check stock items each day by looking at the amount of demand for an item on that day. That is, each time the goods requested by the Department, warehouse parties control the goods requested.

Then how the standards followed when want to request materials? Each manufacturer has his own way. The most common way is to determine the reorder point and minimum stocknyaWhen the stock is already reach reorder point, the shed should immediately perform a material request. 

The next question, what is the value of an item reorder point? Again, the choice depends on the policy of the factory. To note in determining policy for the reorder point this is, it should be remembered that the reorder point ensures the items will never be empty, but on the other hand it also should not be overstock, because the goods are in the warehouse is money stuck which is also vulnerable to broken. Usually, the warehouse will be comfortable with the level of the reorder point is high, while the party management will be comfortable with the level of the reorder point. It all depends on the lobby of each of the parties concerned.

So the discussion of the examination of stock items. May be useful.

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