Tax rate 11-17 November 2015: Rupiah Consistently strengthened against the Dollar and Euro

post news 0005 Minister of Finance recently issued its decision. And today, the tax rate applicable to the period November 2015 11-17 gave a positive signal for Indonesia. Because, the Rupiah was reportedly strengthened against the Dollar and Euro. Penguatannya is not so great, no more than 300 numbers. But of course it's so positive signals for the Rupiah exchange rate continuing to climb. Some positive news about Indonesia in recent times, as the latest economic package policies of the President and the Ministry, as well as some news of new investments from abroad to be one of the triggers is getting stronger Rupiah against the Dollar and the Euro. Strengthening of the exchange rate of Rupiah against a tax Dollar and Euro gives a fresh breeze for Indonesia imports industry is being sluggish and some even ceased. Some manufacturing companies are taking a raw material from abroad and sell them locally into having a strong competitiveness again. The prices of imported goods more restrained in order of microeconomics and household industry, making Indonesia's economy increasingly seen positively. Moreover, the end of the year are already getting closer. Don't forget, the end of the year is one of the growing momentum of the transaction process in various walks of life. With the improving exchange rate of the Rupiah against the Dollar and Euro, automatic purchasing power will increase and that is an advantage for economic activities in Indonesia. Here are the details of the tax rate 11-17 November 2015 for all foreign currencies in the decision letter of the Minister of Finance:

No. Currency The Exchange Rate Against The Rupiah The Unit Of Rupiah
1 United States Dollar (USD) RP. 13, 576.00 1,-
2 Australia Dollar (AUD) RP. 9, 659.30   1,-
3 Canada Dollars (CAD) RP. 10, 289.08   1,-
4 Denmark Krone (DKK) RP. 1, 973.35   1,-
5 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) RP. 1, 751.41   1,-
6 Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) RP. 3, 154.13   1,-
7 New Zealand Dollar (NZD) RP. 8, 946.87   1,-
8 Norway Krone (NOK) RP. 1, 578.61   1,-
9 United Kingdom Pounds (GBP) RP. 20, 672.59   1,-
10 Singapore Dollar (SGD) RP. 9, 630.12   1,-
11 Sweden Kroner (SEK) RP. 1, 570.84 1,-
12 Switzerland Francs (CHF) RP. 13, 604.04   1,-
13 Japan Yen (JPY) RP. 11, 110.64   100,-
14 Myanmar Kyat (MMK) RP 10.62   1,-
15 India Rupee (INR) IDR 206.74   1,-
16 Kuwait Dinar (KWD) RP 44, 783.06   1,-
17 Pakistan Rupee (PKR) IDR 128.71   1,-
18 Philippine Peso (PHP) IDR 289.27   1,-
19 Saudi Arabia Riyal (SAR) RP. 3, 619.91   1,-
20 Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR) USD 95.96   1,-
21 Bath Thailand (THB) Us $380.40   1,-
22 Brunei Darussalam Dollar (BND) RP. 9, 633.68   1,-
23 Euro (EUR) RP. 14, 721.22 1,-
24 Chinese Renmimbi Yuan (CNY) RP. 2, 138.80   1,-
25 Korea Won (KRW) Us $11.91   1,-


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