The importance of determining the Ring Area in marketing

ring area Every company must have a product to sell. In the manufacturing industry, which is the company that sells the stuff, it's certainly in addition to thinking of ways to sell its products, is also thinking of ways to distribute its products to various places. Yes, the sale of goods that will not come to the consumers by itself right? Well, in distributing its products that, one of the important elements that must be considered by a Manager and owner is the ring area. Because of that, the article this time will discuss in brief about the importance of determining the ring area in marketing. Yes, before I have to admit, that determine the ring area is not always important to all perpetrators of manufacturing. Why? Because there are some companies that do not have and do not intend to have a multilevel distributors. Distributors-story here means the parties involved in the delivery of the goods. There are some companies (mainly the B to B) tends to send the goods directly to the consumer, although it retains the services of logistics. But for companies producing consumer goods whose products its main market is the end user, of course requires a multilevel distributors. Usually, in this case, the product maker's main factory will be called the principal. Companies like Unilever, the parent Group, Nestle, Danone, and many others who sell the stuff ready consumed like food and bath products, surely requires a system of multilevel distributors. Well, if your company is also selling a product that is not much different with them, I suggest you think about the Ring. Simple question is, why? This is because, when we have a distributor who are ready to help us sell our product, we must also think of the cooperation fair to them. We could not let our distributors ' Buffalo jotos ' because of the negligence of us think of the Ring Area. Recklessly spread the product into the ring area, will give rise to unhealthy competition between distributors. And the most damages if that happens is our own company: Yes. Don't forget, it's hard to find a partner who can be invited to come forward with. Whether it is within the scope of an individual or company. Hence, when we already have a distributor partner we can trust, then the partner off JUST because we did not specify the exact area of the ring when selling the product, arguably it is a great loss. Of course, we don't want it to happen, isn't it? In brief, we can say that the ring area is borders that can be ' touched ' by the distributor. So, when a distributor or agent even get our product, they should not be selling our products outside the ring area which we have set. For example, the distributor of A guaranteed ring area in Central Java, then a distributor B guaranteed ring area in East Java. Then A distributor may not market our products in East Java, as well as vice versa. It is of course not only makes our company as principal thought the spread of products, but also think of ration stock our products can be sold in order to be distributed equitably. Remember, the fair is here not only means equally, but it could also be adapted to the performance of each distributor. For example A distributor was only able to sell less stuff we jatahkan on them, whereas a distributor B can sell two times, of course we stock rations provided also are not the same for both. But again, things like that usually detail already in the deal. Unfortunately, in practice a real sales and marketing, aspect in this area does not ring as simple as that. Moreover, if our company is a great company and its products had reached everywhere, sought by an awful lot of humans in Indonesia. Rules about the Ring Area usually will not quite on the level of Counties, but in the district, even in villages, or perhaps until the level of RT. Minimarket with the same brand and next door may have a single vendor/distributor of different products. Not because of anything, but because his village just happened to fit different. Yes, it will not matter if it was from the beginning we as company principals has set ring areas respectively. If there's a break rogue distributor, yes there should be punishment in the contract. Ring Area is an element that is not too important for manufacturing companies that manufacture industrial goods, Yes. But if your company is producing consumer goods, ring area is an important element that determines how large your sales, which means to determine how much your company too can benefit.

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