It's Time The Construction Of A Sugar Mill Was Done In Indonesia

post news 0001 Manufacturers who produce sugar in Indonesia. Unfortunately, the current condition of the sugar factory is already enough excuse. As a result, the supply of sugar in Indonesia to be hampered. A stark contrast with the potential of sugar cane is still very big in Indonesia. Therefore, it is high time the construction of a sugar mill was done in Indonesia. As reported by the coverage of the 6th, the current condition of the sugar factory in Indonesia is quite alarming. In addition to the infrastructure that is already quite obsolete, the efficiency of the production process of the factory still very apprehensive. It is expressed by Nurnowo Paridjo, Director of the Annuals. For him the efficiency of PG or sugar factory in Indonesia is alarming. "If in Thailand, the capacity of 12,000 tons of Cain Per Day (TCD) managed 200 people. In Indonesia, the capacity of 3,000 TCD managed to 2,000 people. Ten times. " To be precise, 10 times just to manage less than 20% of the production. That is, it can be done by 1 Thailand workers, should be done by 60 workers of Indonesia! Statistics from Nurnowo that shows how production efficiency conditions of the mirisnya sugar factory in Indonesia. In fact, the potential that exists in raw sugar cane is still very big in Indonesia. According to Nurnowo, one hectare of sugarcane in Indonesia could produce 80 tons of sugar cane. In Thailand, could only produce about 75 tons cane alone. This means that resources in Indonesia should be an excuse to let sugar production Indonesia not inferior to other countries. Lastly, according to Nurnowo at least 5 trillion needed to carry out the construction of a sugar mill that could compete with other State sugar factory. Indeed, if we look at first glance, most of the existing sugar factories in Indonesia is a colonial relic. Amazingly, until now there is no massive changes on the existing sugar mills that. The engine still used ancient machinery which is of course difficult to compete with the modern sugar factories owned by other countries. The question is, does the desire of countries to build a more modern sugar factory? Source:

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