Maintenance and its effect for the production process

post production 0003 The production process is the most unique of the process manufacturing industry. Why? Because a company, manufacturing can be said only if he has the production process in a series of business process. It was very reasonable. Because the core of manufacturing companies is if the company is to process raw materials into semi-finished goods or finished goods (finished goods). Well, in the production process, we have to understand that there are commonly referred to as maintenance. What is a maintenance briefly and its effect to the production process, will be discussed in this article. As we know, in any production process modern post Mills, for sure most of use the machine to facilitate the process. Well, the name of the machine must not be invited to walk continuously. The machine was not immortal. The machine was man-made, many cacatnya. Definitely not perfect. And other bengek tetek. I want to say here is: machines need maintenance. Yep, definitely need treatment. No exception machines in the production processes of a manufacturing company. Therefore, it takes the process of maintenance, which will hopefully make the machine can operate much longer. Or if the machine is damaged, it can be operated again. Then what is the effect of maintenance into the production process of manufacturing? Simple. If the machine undergoes maintenance, of course often can't be used instead? Yes, one might say, if the activities of maintenance done, so the production process must be terminated at that time. Or we called off production. So, in brief maintenance will usually result in a production process that stopped. Is it up there? Wait a minute. Not necessarily the production process stops then the affair is over. Production process that stops, usually will be replaced on the other day. It can make production laborer in holidays and are not counted as days of overtime. That is to say how? Okay, let's use illustrations only to make it easier. For example, the production process is usually done Monday-Saturday. If any employee who does production on Sunday, it will be considered as overtime. Then at once, on Thursday performed the maintenance the maintenance of the machine. Then of course the production workers could not work that day and chances are she'll were closed (though perhaps not for a full day, but it's just an illustration, so let's just say one day full). Then they replace off production due to maintenance it on Sunday. Well, even though it usually works on Sundays is considered overtime, still, for this case, the employee will be considered in a typical day. Why? Because they are already guaranteed a holiday on the day of maintenance done. It's obvious isn't it? If you have any questions, please feel free to share in the comment box. Thank you. May be useful.

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