Overview Of Assets

POST ITEM 0003 Assets is one of the important elements in manufacturing companies. A company having an interest to use the assets, either in process or processes in the field of financial accounting. For that reason, this article will discuss some of the things you should know about assets.

What is the asset?

Yes, the first thing to note is the definition of the asset itself. Because the asset itself is an important entity in business processes. According to KBBI, understanding simple enough assets, i.e. something that has Exchange value or capital. Arguably short sense it is enough to represent. Though, in the business processes of manufacturing companies, there are things that we should pay attention to the details. What is it? Let's look at a simple terms about this asset:

The terms of an item can be said to be an asset

What are the terms of goods could be said as an asset? Broadly speaking, there are three points:

  1. Assets must be owned completely by the company. If these items are merely goods/goods in the form of loans from other institutions, or may also be rented, then he could not be considered as an asset of the company.
  2. It shall have a value of asset depreciation. Asset financing could not be directly charged at time of purchase and consumption first. But must be charged periodically through the method of depreciation. The method of depreciation of assets itself there is a lot of that stuff, I will discuss next time. Bottom line, if the asset price is 100 million rupiah, then pembebanannya must be made periodically in the time of 1-2 years or more, depending on the estimated length of her work. And pembebanannya shared in each month.
  3. The asset must be fixed and can be used for more than one year. Why? Because if a potential for goods lost or damaged in a single year, pembiayaannya will be the not fair.

In addition to the terms of the assets, there are a few other points that might come up. I will discuss the terms of item can be said on the occasion of other assets. Now, let's discuss the function of the asset itself.

The function of the assets for the company

With a unique method of calculating assets certainly has functions that can be used by the company.

The function of the assets in the field

The function of the assets in the field of course very easy to guess. Assets as a goods must have utilitasnya each. E.g. asset production machine, certainly has functions to run the production process. Freight transportation assets certainly has functions to help transport required by the company. Land assets serves to be the land that could be utilized for the business processes of the company.

The function of financial assets

In addition to its function in live and in real time, asset also have other functions. The existence of assets, the company has a high value evaluation in the eyes of outsiders. As a result, it can be used as capital to submit a loan to the Bank. The value of assets owned by the company could add the valuations of companies that make the credit limit of the company became increasingly high. That's the last few things I can tell you about the assets in the company. Hopefully helpful. No question, just write in the comment box.

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