Want to add production capacity, ASUS Augments plant in Indonesia

post news 0001 ASUS, one of the famous smartphone brands in Indonesia, is rumored to be establish cooperation to do the manufacturing process of the product with a new factory. One that is rumored to have been considered by ASUS manufacturing company is a joint venture owned PT TiPhone Mobile Indonesia (TELE) and Arima Communications Corp. (Arima). The two companies were manufacturing company is assembling Smartphones that existed in Indonesia. ASUS adds to the conditions of this new plant, its production capacity will also be expected to increase, so that it can meet the demand for the smartphone craze in Indonesia. In the year 2014 yesterday, ASUS has already sold 5 million units Zenfonenya smartphone in Indonesia. Its development in any predictable global landscape will go up exponentially year 2015. At the very least, predicted there will be 25 million units could be sold this year. And in the year 2016 tomorrow, the potential sales globally could be in numbers 30 million! And remember, that figure does not include the estimated sales in China! Astonishing isn't it? With the sale of crazy like that, of course it takes a supply of stock more products. Therefore, the possibility of opening a new factory in ASUS Indonesia is becoming closer to reality. The addition of a factory that produces its own brand of ASUS smartphone, is expected to have a production capacity of up to 300,000 per month. With the addition of production capacity of it, is expected to be able to meet the flood of ASUS requests that will come from Indonesia. In addition, with the addition of these mills, expected product quality also ASUS will be increasing. The value of investment prepared by the ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and the Tiphone Mobile to build a new factory in Indonesia alone may reach 50 million dollars. The new factory is expected to be able to start operating in early 2016. Current conditions, ASUS has just one factory to produce his smartphone. Companies that produce smartphone ASUS is PT. Sat Nusapersada TBK which location the manufacturer located in Batam. The cooperation that the plan will continue to run, even if an ASUS opens a new factory next year. A new mills built by ODM Tiphone and this will not only produce a smartphone belonging to ASUS smartphone, but also from various other foreign vendors. Some of which are Mobile Communications, Sony and LG Electronic. With the opening of this new factory, expected workforce that exists in the environment will be more and more absorbed, and helping the economy of Indonesia both micro as well as macro. That's the last news about ASUS add factories in Indonesia. May be useful.

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