Employees Paid Off Right, Here's You Guys Are Already Regulated By Law

post hrd 0004 Paid holiday entitlement is a right for employees to work but do not go get paid. And most employees don't know that–that their rights are already guaranteed and regulated by law in order to be carried out by the employer. So, for the employees, read the articles you guys to figure out the right paid off you guys that have to be met by employers. As for this paper will discuss the right off the fixed salary paid only. For rules regarding the rights of other holidays, we will not discuss first. Suggestions from us, after reading this article, try to check Regulations companies or joint work Agreement that is in the company of you and verify that the company you guys already comply with this rule. Dare? Hehe. Then what actually paid holiday rights which are already governed by law then? Let's describe one by one.

Paid Holiday Entitlement For Employees Who Get Married

Yes, if you want to make a marriage, then the legislation is already set up to give you right off. And keep in mind, the right holiday is still getting paid. So you still get your salary or you are still considered to be entered by the company, though physically you have absolutely nothing in the Office. Elsewhere a fun course. How many days are given to you? 3 days. So if you could get a weekend plus a 4-5 day. Fair for the honeymoon.

Paid Holiday Entitlement For Employees Who Marry His Son

Marriage is a sacred time for every human being. And no wonder if all the people who got married hoping that her parents can come and watch him refine half of his religion. The company was supposed to provide opportunities to employees whose children are getting married to rest at that time. So, when your child is getting married, do not hesitate to ask a holiday. Because your rights are already regulated by law. How many days are given to you? 2 days. Not as much as if you alone are married, of course.

Paid Holiday Entitlement For Employees Who Circumcised His Son's Baptise/

Yes, so for those of you who are Muslim and Christian, while your children are having a moment of religious sacral towards process pendewasaan, you are entitled to ask for a day off and still get a salary. 2 Day is the time that is guaranteed by the company. If it turns out your child a week haven't recovered well since the khitans, then you shouldn't increase the number of fixed leave you, except you use your annual leave entitlement.

Paid Holiday entitlement For an employee whose wife gave birth or Miscarriage

Your boss doesn't have the right to separate the you (the man) with your wife who were giving birth or miscarriage. However, you are given the right to exist and keep your wife during that critical period. The day is set by law is 2 days.

Paid Holiday Entitlement For An Employee Whose Son/Wife/Husband/Parents/In-laws Died

When you have the right to have a good holiday, so does the time of mourning. Your rights are already guaranteed by the company to attend a family funeral. Rations given is 2 days.

Paid Holiday Entitlement For Employees Whose Family Members Died In One House

What if the deceased was in addition to the child/husband/wife/parents/in-laws? If she still lived in one home with you, then you are entitled to apply for a fixed holiday salary for 1 full day.

Paid Holiday Entitlement For Staff Who Are Experiencing Menstruation

For the men, sorry this is not right for you. Who is entitled to the right of it is the women who experienced the first day of menstruation, where usually the time unbearable pain appears. Then, the employee was entitled to a ration on leave for one day.

Paid Holiday Entitlement For Staff Who Give Birth

If the husband get a ration of two days off, then for women who give birth, jatahnya become much longer. The number of public holidays paid her salary if it will reach the time together for 3 months. The details are usually ideally: 1.5 months before HPL and 1.5 months after the HPL. You don't need to get paid full salary and 3 months of it. So, how? Have got an epiphany about what rights already guaranteed by the State? So you don't want to squeeze an all-out by your boss, Yes. Greetings.

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