Tax rate 4-10 November 2015: Stagnant Rupiah against the Dollar, strengthened against the Euro

post news 0004, this week being week ' mediocrity ' for the Rupiah against the Dollar. In accordance with the decision of the Minister of finance who is represented by the head of the Agency's fiscal policy, Unswerving Budiarso Widodo, KMK Number 48/km. 10/2015, decided that the exchange rate of the Rupiah against the United States Dollar strengthened. But very small strengthening points once, in fact almost nothing. If the previous tax rate of Rupiah against U.s. Dollar range at 13,665 dollars per dollarnya, now turns to 13,617 per dollar. As we said before, strengthened, but not significant. Instead, the tax rate of the Rupiah against the Euro thus rose sharply. After the previous week the Rupiah was still at level 15,259 more, now that the exchange rate of the Rupiah against the Euro had already strengthened to reach 14,000! Rather is 14,973.74 dollars per euro. An improvement that was quite a relief. Factors such as Joko Widodo President visits to United States last week, and the smoke is getting better conditions thought to be triggers strong Rupiah on this week. In addition, the economic Package plan Chapter VI begin Government undertaken is also believed to be one factor in the rise of the Rupiah. The following is a complete list of tax rate of Rupiah against various currencies of the world:

Tax rate 4-10 November 2015

1 IDR 13, 617.00 To United States Dollar (USD) 1-2 Rp. 9, 711.07 for the Australia Dollar (AUD), 1-3 Rp. 10, 349.02 To Canada Dollars (CAD) 1,-4 Rp. 2, 007.47 For Denmark Krone (DKK) 1-5 Rp. 1, To 756.88 Hongkong Dollar (HKD), 1-6 Rp. 3, 178.28 For Ringgit  Malaysia (MYR) 1-7 Rp. 9, New Zealand Dollars To 181.40 (NZD) 1,-8 Rp. 1, 599.93 To Norway Krone (NOK), 1-9 Rp. 20, To 896.24 United Kingdom Pounds (GBP), 1-10 Rp. 9, 718.92 For Singapore Dollar (SGD) 11-1, Rp 1, 596.64 For Sweden Kroner (SEK) 1-12 RP. 13, 768.20 To Switzerland Francs (CHF) 1-13 Rp. 11, 277.10 For Japan Yen (JPY) 100,-10.64 To Usd 14. Myanmar Kyat (MMK) 15-1, Rp 209.11 To India Rupees (INR) 1,-16 Rp 44, 954.27 for the Kuwait Dinar (KWD), 1-17 Rp 129.69 To Pakistan Rupee (PKR) 1-18 RP Philippines Peso To 290.80 (PHP) 1, 19-Rp. 3, 630.72 For Saudi Arabia Riyal (SAR) 1,-20 USD 96.50 For Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR) 1, 21-IDR 382.32 For Bath Thailand (THB) 1, Rp-22.9, 717.11 For Brunei Darussalam Dollars (BND) 1, 23-14, Rp 973.74 For Euro ( EUR) 1, 24-2, Rp 146.85 To Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY), 1-25 USD 11.97 To Korea Won (KRW) 1, sources: Ministry of finance Decree Number 48/km. 10/2015

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