Hot News: How Melting THR Manufacturing Employees

post news 0001 THR manufacturing employees is an interesting story that should be followed. How does? In addition because of the many benefits it brings employees due to get THR THR manufacturing employees, this also becomes its own test to manufacturing. Why? Because many companies off guard set up cashflow at time moment widths like this. Consequences that often arise because of THR is a company was forced to issue a credit to the banks. In fact, the name of the credit Bank was never give you an advantage on the company. Yaa, there's a little, but a lot more than tender hole. Hehe. (see also: difference of daily employees and employees of wholesale) And here is the news we get about the condition the disbursement of THR employees manufacturing in a number of factories in West Java. Like what? Bandung (FGA)-Deputy Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar and head of the Department of manpower and transmigration of West Java Ferry Safwan deploying inspection of THR to one garment manufacturing in Soekarno-Hatta Road, Bandung city, Wednesday, June 29, 2016. In the inspection, not found violations. Wagub thus giving appreciation of manufacturing are in fact pay the THR ja internationals this month contract period expires. Inspection of the associated provisions held the No. Naker Candy 6/2016 of THR THR payment stating the maximum paid H-7. "THR already down since 24 June yesterday here, follow candy naker, even joyous, an employee who terminates prior to lebaran, given also the manufacturing policy because of THR. This is euphoric, "said Deddy after inspection. According to him, what was done to these manufacturing need to be replicated and be a good example. Meanwhile, Ferry says, in addition to manufacturing, it will also check the three manufactures in Cimahi namely pharmaceutical manufacturing, casting, and garment. "We deliberately did inspection based on discussion with the leadership, H-7 there must be monitoring employee, could have not complained, thus, we check with the company, its management and its employees, what is the correct payment of the THR is already done," said he. Hope THR distributed prior to H-7 so that employees can use it to meet the needs of the feast. "Now the next, important part of our shared, through inspection can be directly checked when paid. It turns out that here is paid on 24 June, 5 days ago. So the holiday could spend, "he said. Ferry added, in addition to the provinces, the clerk at the county town to reach the 200 people taking part do simultaneous inspection on this day. ***  

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