Jobs Sari Husada November 2015 (Internship)

post news 0002 Jobs to become employees of PT. Sarihusada Generation Mahardika (SGM) is indeed not available yet in November 2015. But, for those of you who want to be a part in the process of business Sarihusada worldwide already, there are opportunities for internships during three months which may be very helpful to the process of growing flower you qualified as a professional in the future. Sarihusada is a manufacturing company to produce nutritious vegetables for mothers and children. High quality on their products is the hallmark of Sarihusada that make this company can survive for 61 years and continue to provide contributions in the world of health Indonesia. In the year 2008. Sarihusada into the closed company which then shares its majority owned by Danone. The displacement it causes to Danone, Nutricia, and Sarihusada as a single entity which corroborate. Now, the Sarihusada opens an opportunity for graduates wishing to gain experience of the D3 and feel the sensation of working directly in a company of high standard, as well as understand the work ethic behind the big names it. These are things that are related to the position as an internship in Sarihusada:

The Task Of The Participants Sarihusada Internship (Danone)

The interns will work on projects of various elements that accompany the Sarihusada, Nutricia, Danone, IT Team, and the Agency is working with Danone. The placement of participants during the internship in Danone and Sarihusada is in Jakarta at the Cyber 2 Building, Rasuna Said.

Conditions Of Internship Participants Sarihusada (Danone)

  • Ready to work for a fulltime, in 3 months period of the internship.
  • At least Bachelor degree in the Department of information technology (IT) or information systems (IS)
  • It has a good ability in operating MS. Office and creating a database
  • Have the ability and or experienced in setting up and operating the mobile app and CMS (Content Management System)
  • Have the ability to communicate and relate to others the well
  • Have a great motivation to work in a team
  • Want to be placed in Jakarta

As seen above, IT is an absolute requirement and IS a must-have by prospective applicants. If you meet the above requirements, do not hesitate, just register yourself. The trick is to sign up directly on this page. That was the last information about jobs in Sarihusada and Danone. May be useful. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comment box.  

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