The Jars Open New Rice Mills Poetra, The Possibility Of Self-sufficiency In Rice's Increasingly Open

post news 0001 Factory new Rice production was soon built by PT. Pitcher Poetra Organisations. An encouraging news for Indonesia. Because in this way, the rice production in Indonesia will be increased and the possibility for rice self-sufficiency will be more open. Who wouldn't want a self-sufficient rice? The decision to build a new factory Poetra Jars of rice recently this is not without reason. Because the demand for rice, they continued to rise during the year 2015. The increased demand at most Specialty Areas emerge from the capital, Jakarta. Place the construction of the new plant itself is uncertain. According to the Director of the Pitcher Poetra, Budiman Susilo, the area that would become the target of construction itself is in the area of South Sulawesi, or Central Java (sukur-sukur if both anyway, but it seems impossible, hehe). "Over there (South Sulawesi and Central Java) many centers of rice," said Budiman. For capital construction of the rice plant itself, Dear revealed his side will use the infusion opening result their stock to the public for the first time (Initial Public Offering/IPO) on 16 December. How many of his investment? There is currently no official data issued Poetra Jars-party. It happened because of the magnitude of the investment is very dependent from the ground. Well, of course the exact price will be obtained if the location of the construction of the new rice is already ensured. Pitcher Poetra did show a significant increase in market share of pengusaan. Nielsen data as offered by SWA reveals that the Pitcher has a 35% share of Poetra, in modern markets. It shows that the percentage of market share Jars Poetra have gone up 27% from the previous year. Positive trend which would certainly give a fresh breeze for Indonesia's agribusiness world is being shaken by the possibility to compete freely against the manufacturers of other ASEAN countries. Development of a new rice plant itself, targeted will have a production capacity of up to 160 tons per day. The capacity of a commonplace to manufacturing in the fields of rice. The additional capacity that will hopefully make a Pitcher not Poetra overwhelmed face market demand more and more. Let's just wait the realization of construction of rice by PT. Pitcher Poetra Organisations. Source:  

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