The Fresh Graduate, Read This Before Applying For A Job

POST HRD 0003 For students, a passing moment is one of the important moments in life. With graduation, means the key to a better future is getting wide open. Graduation opens opportunities towards the next stage of life: working. Often, the new graduates or fresh graduate will also be thinking of ripe-ripe about his work. What it will do for the money. How many want to be generated within a certain period. It will certainly be a consideration in the basic search. But be careful, although much sought fresh graduate, it's not that then it could go around in applying for a job. Wrong strategy in search of work while still a fresh graduate could be fatal. This article will try to guide you – the fresh graduate-to avoid missteps in applying for a job. There are a variety of strategies that can be performed by the fresh graduate in applying for a job. Anyone submitting a CV and cover letter works to all vacancies available and then wait for the results and choose. Some are already choosing their workplace even before submitting the application. Which one is better? It seems to me just the same. The difference is the consequences afterwards. Well, a little warning, how the first could be fatal if we too carelessly. Why? Because it's often the fresh graduate that send lamarannya to all existing vacancies, new selection and selection against the job after he was accepted there. Indeed, at the beginning it impressed fun. We could measure the ability of ourselves before the prospective boss. In addition, as the hot ball is on us. We who determine will take that job or not. Unfortunately, perhaps because it still has just graduated and don't have a lot of experience, a fresh graduate in ending cooperation (which has not yet been created) is often not professional. And as I have mentioned at the beginning. It can be fatal. Why? For the more easy it is, I'll try to create illustrations. For example, A fresh graduate applying for a job vacancy in all he saw. Finally, he sends the application to the 10 vacancies. Cover of 10, he was accepted at the 4th place. Already received, live administration processes only. Easy bangetlah anyway. Well, at this stage, it turned out that he thus began to think about prospeknya in 4 companies that. And unfortunately, after it, he felt didn't fit with the four. It recently she think after accepted! Then she suddenly cancel cooperation (though not yet the signature of the contract) with the 4 companies that. Then it happened again on the experiment of applying for work until 2-3 times. Sounds fun indeed. But believe me, it's dangerous. Why? Because make no mistake, when we disappoint a company, can be so we'll diblacklist by that company in the potentialities of cooperation in the future. It's been quite up there? It is not. Don't forget that the greater the likelihood that firms active in industry or Community Association. If so, it could be the name of the ugly we will spread to many other companies. What is the gross we end there? It didn't. Because the status of a fresh graduate is the status that chasing each other with time, it could be as long as we waste the opportunity that there it is, the status of our fresh graduate will be lost. When the status of a fresh graduate is already gone and we haven't had a real work experience, jobs that are available to us will be less and less. Competition is increasingly hard, and we end up precisely will be lucky to work for a company that in numbers, were below the level of the companies that we kecewakan. So the key is, when we apply for a job, if I may say is: plan carefully from the beginning. If you'd like the idealist also doesn't matter, just do not break up our cooperation with not only professional. If I may say again, preferably fresh graduate that's never too idealistic lah. Just try the job obtained in advance. Wake up and experience give a good integrity track record there, and then the opportunity will open wider. If from the very beginning we've found sok-sokan, it could be we will regret later on. It wouldn't hurt to build integrity and good name. As I said above, this company is now seldom engaged themselves, they certainly are members of industry associations or even APINDO and others. If our good name in one company, not our good name may not be dispersed to various other places. That was the last bit of advice from me. May be useful. Welcome looking for work! Have questions? Please share in the comments box.

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