Jobs Marketing Communication in Rose Jewellery Jakarta Deadline 26 November 2015

post news 0002 You are the graduates who are interested in a job in the field of marketing and want to work in Jakarta? We've got information that jobs might be suitable for you. As for the work of the marketing communication is available in Rose Jewellery. Rose Jewellery is Jewellery Store that focus on the quality of the product to the satisfaction of the consumer. In addition, the existence of a sales consultant that they provide, make consumers will be more familiar with their needs, so the purchase of luxury jewelry from Rose Jewellery can be achieved to the maximum. As a company that puts quality, of course, the human resources (HR) needed is not messing around. A tough and savvy professionals who are right about jewelry is they are looking for. Therefore, if you are interested in joining the splendor of Rose Jewellery, do not hesitate to register yourself on jobs as a Marketing Communication which is currently available. At least until November 26, later. The following are the terms and conditions for those of you who would like to apply for a job as a marketing communication in Rose Jewellery:

The Terms Of The Marketing Communication Rose Jewellery

As for the qualifications sought by Rose Jewellery for post marketing communication are as follows:

  1. Men Women
  2. Single
  3. Age Max 30thn
  4. Education min S1
  5. Skilled, handsome, socially responsible, representable, and have good communication skills
  6. Min 1 year experience in the same field
  7. Have knowledge of advertising and media promo is an advantage

So what if want to register in these jobs? The trick is pretty easy.

How To Register As A Marketing Communication Rose Jewellery

Application and registration can be done online or by email no later than November 26, 2015, for details and registration information please see University of MSCC website Maranatha > > Online Application application Yes, Remember this only applies to work with 26 November 2015 only. So, if you want to register, don't delay-delay again. Please send your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter as soon as possible. The opportunity will not come twice. These jobs should really take advantage of for the sake of getting a dream job in Jakarta. That was the last information about jobs as a marketing communication in Rose Jewellery. May be useful. 🙂

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