Jobs Asia Pacific Fiber 12 December 2015

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Jobs Asia Pacific Fiber opened until 12 December 2015 only!

For those of you who are interested in working in the Asia-Pacific Fiber as a Legal Officer, this is a golden opportunity that is waiting for you. The reason, Asia Pacific Fiber opening jobs to become a Legal Officer who of course became a dream job for many people. Asia Pacific is a Fiber manufacturing company at the same time distributor of high quality fiber products in Indonesia. Some of the products unggulannya are polyester chips, polyester staple fibers and polyester filament yarns. His experience as one of the market leader not only in Indonesia, but also the world of course being the assurance of great experience acquired when employees can work there. As for the vacancy opened by the Asia Pacific FIber is the job to be a Legal Officer. Of course, the task is not far from the administrative affairs related to the world of law. As a manufacturing company that has many production sites in different regions, of course, the placement for employees is also not only in Jakarta. There are a few other cities that will be used as a place of work of the potential applicants.

The Terms Of Prospective Applicants Legal Officer Asia-Pacific Fiber

As for the qualities to become a Legal Officer in the Asia-Pacific Fiber is as follows:

  1. Minimal education Bachelor of law
  2. Maximum age 35 years
  3. Have good interpersonal skills
  4. Able to work in a team
  5. Willing to be positioned in Pekanbaru (Riau), Medan and Balikpapan

The terms of the above rasa-rasanya not too hard, remember the gift that will be obtained by employees is also certainly not the least. So how about you? Do you have the above qualifications? If Yes, then here's how to apply for Asia Pacific Fiber as a Legal Officer:

How To Apply For (How To Apply)

Application and registration can be done online or by email no later than 12 December 2015. Then where is their email address? Calm down, I will give it direct. The email address that can be used is the address:

Who is you?

Yes, the last question after you read the article about jobs Asia Pacific Fiber is already ready to you to work in Asia Pacific that magnificent Fiber?

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