POST GENERAL 0001 The industrialized world has a myriad of sectors and functions. One is the HORECA. This article will discuss what it HORECA, HORECA explicitly meaning of the word, its implications in the manufacturing industry, and the character is a fairly appropriate for being a HORECA marketing. HORECA originally used in the Netherlands, and later became a term popular among Asian and European businessmen. Then, when the world is getting smaller and smaller (thanks to Communication Technologies), the term spread to the Americas and other major continents. Then, in fact what it HORECA themselves? HORECA refers to the food service industry (food service industry) which means that whenever we talk about the HORECA, then always refers to the food service industry. HORECA itself stands for HOtel, REstaurant, and CAfe or the HOtel, REstaurant, and CAtering. Depending on who you ask, anyway. As already mentioned above, it HORECA always refer to the food industry. That is, people who are fit to be a HORECA marketing course is the people who have competence in the field of food service, for goods that are indeed eligible food grade. A world of culinary knowledge will also be an a plus for a HORECA marketing. Yes, I guess it's just at a glance I can share about the HORECA. If there are any additional questions or are not understood, can be directly submitted in the comment box. I would love to chat with you related HORECA and relation to the industries that are in manufacturing.

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