(Assessment) Why Is Assessment Important Employees

post hrd 0001 Assessment-When talking about Human Resource Development, we certainly don't merely talk about out incoming employees only. Transitions employees was important, but not necessarily be the only aspect of HRD solely. One of the aspects that must be considered in THIS GROUP is the development of the employees themselves. In fact, arguably the development employees play an important role in the berjalanannya business processes of the company. Finding smart employees is easy. Looking for a loyal employees is hard. Let alone look for employees who are smart and loyal. Well, in the process of monitoring the development of employees that is required for the assessment process conducted at regular intervals. With menjalanankan periodic assessments will make the company can monitor the development of employees in an appropriate period of time. As a result, the decision to move the transferred employees will increasingly unfounded. For the more obvious, let's discuss the assessment of employees in more detail.

What is assessment?

Assessment is the process of evaluation is given to the employees concerned. Typically, the document is created and executed in order modifying the status of the employees concerned. So, before employees at the mutation/promotion/demosi by the leadership of the Department, will make his assessment documents made by the supervisor or the employer of the employees concerned. The result of that document will become the basis for executing the alteration of the position of the employee concerned.

When will the assessment be done?

Typically, the assessment is done in a certain period related to the status of kekaryawanan. A perfect example is a period of 3 months after the first entry of work the first time (the period of training) or every year in order to raise. Can also be done when there are incidental occurrences that make the conversion status should be done as soon as possible, but management has not dared to take the decision as long as there is no essence. Then the assessment was done.

What are the benefits of assessment?

The main benefit is to give a historical overview of the development of the company's employees. On the one hand to the other, it is well worth giving feedback received by employees. So it does not cover possible, employees will be able to do his job better in the future.

How is the format of the assessment?

The actual format of the assessment not too strange. Some companies have their own standard to achieve. But in General, this kind of assessment formats may be:

  1. Employee competency is divided first into three major parts: (1) core competency, (2) soft competency, (3) technical competency
  2. Then, three large sections of it dibreakdown yet, the core competency anything should be owned by employees at that position. It should be remembered that each job position will be different here.
  3. After that, ask for a supervisor to give 5-10 figures for each aspect.
  4. With a certain formula, the calculation of the average will be the basis of whether the employee is promoted or down deserved the rank or fixed.
  5. Usually the applicable formula is as follows:

a. 3-4.9: attention/counseling b. 5-6.9: good, needed training and coaching on a regular basis c. 7-8, 9: very good d. 9-10: Satisfactory (trainers, promotions, employee example) well, formula it, so the system is not, how important assessment? Because the needs of HRD to provide counseling or training can be seen from this document. So our article on the importance of assessment. May be useful.

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